julio 29, 2014

Stress, anxiety and depression


Stress, anxiety and depression are the mental states which make a person physically as well as mentally ill. These mental states may be caused due to some tragedy in life or due to loneliness. There may be any other reason. Whatever the reason may be, these mental states are quite harmful for human beings. Being anxious a person can’t perform his/her routine works efficiently. Also it starts interfering with the personal relations as well as social life.

Although there are multiple medicines and other treatment options available in the medical world to get rid of anxiety, however these have their own limitations. It is due to the reason that medicines and the treatment methods can deal with anxiety to some extent only. The best option in this regard is perhaps the company of a good partner or friend. Even medical science has proved this fact that companionship does have a positive effect as far as mental condition of a person is concerned. A good companion definitely helps in getting rid of anxiety, stress and such other mental states.
Deals with loneliness of life- Companionship helps in dealing with the problem of loneliness in life. A person who is in the company of some good companion may get rid of anxiety and stress in his life by spending some memorable moments together. It makes him/her feel happy at heart and also gives mental relaxation as the anxious person is well aware that he/she has someone with whom he/she can share all feelings, viewpoints, problems and anything else relevant to his/her life.
Emotional security- When a person is in the company of some good companion such as Dubai Escorts, he/she feels completely secure as far as emotional aspect of his/her  personality is concerned. The concerned person may talk his/her heart out to the companion and feel relaxed and light-hearted.  This in turn helps in releasing anxiety automatically. Having someone close to heart makes a person feel secure on almost all aspects of life such as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual etc. Such a security is quite important in dealing with the feelings of anxiousness.
Feeling of belongingness- Companionship is such a bond which arouses a feeling of belongingness amid two people. It makes two people emotionally bonded with each other.  The companionship may be amid two life-partners, friends, relatives, parents and the children or such other relations that make a person feel that he/she belongs to someone in this world. Such a feeling of belongingness is definitely helpful in dealing with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. As a result, the anxiousness from mind and body is released naturally.
All time Support- A person who has a good companion with whom he/she may share anything and ask for help, assistance or support at any time during his/her life feels completely secure in all respects. It is due to the fact that he/she knows well that there is someone in this world who is always there to help or support him/her in all situations of life. Consequently, mental peace and relaxation come to him/her automatically.
So we have seen that companionship has an important role to play on fighting with anxiety

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